Find a Pet from St. Francis of Assisi Animal Rescue

The founder of her own interior architecture company, Luisa De Roo has extensive experience in areas ranging from planning and construction to interior finishes and furniture. A member of the Humane Society of the United States, Luisa De Roo also the St. Francis of Assisi Animal Foundation (SFAAR).

The SFAAR, located in Forest Lake, Minnesota, strives to rescue stray cats and dogs and spay and neuter them, thereby preventing animal overpopulation problems. The organization came into existence as an answer to the need for euthanizing pets held in animal control facilities. Now, after preparing its cats and dogs for adoption, SFAAR lists them on its website for potential owners to view.

Pets available through SFAAR include a variety of cats and dogs of numerous breeds. Each listing includes the animal’s name, breed, color, sex, and location alongside its picture. The full description explains where each pet came from and provides details about its personality, as well as whether the pet has been housetrained or declawed. To view current listings, visit


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