Humane Society Equine Protection Department Activities

Luisa De Roo, the president of her own interior architecture company, contributes to the community through various charitable groups. One organization that enjoys her membership and support is the Humane Society, which cares for companion animals across the United States with the help of people like Luisa De Roo.

While they are not typically served by Humane Society shelters, horses, burros, and other equine animals still receive significant help from the organization through its advocacy and awareness initiatives. The Humane Society protects the lives of these animals by intervening in horses’ poor living conditions and campaigning against their slaughter for meat.

The Humane Society also advocates for wild horses, which are routinely rounded up and held in facilities that isolate them from their families. Finally, in regions where horse-drawn carriages are still used, the Humane Society works toward better conditions for these working animals. Of particular interest to the organization is the sharing of roads between carriages and motor vehicles, which carries severe risks for both horses and passengers.

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