Luisa De Roo Interior Architecture, Inc.

Luisa De Roo Interior Architecture, Inc., owned and operated by Luisa De Roo has just finished completing  (2015) the Digital Maufacturing and Design Innovation Institute project (also referred to as the UI Labs).  This project was completed with a record amount of MBE and WBE participation and City Residency hours.

As per the article published by Crain’s Chicago Business, John Pietz, March 21, 2015 he says: ” Chicago, the city that works, will be the test subject in an experiment to create the city that works better.

Mircrosoft, Accenture, Commonwealth Edison and Siemens are partnering with the City of Chicago to figure out how technology can help design and operate more efficient cities. The effort, called City Works, is the second major program for UI Labs, a Chicago based research consortium between top universities and companies across the Midwest.

Launched two years ago, UI Labs is best known for its first project, a federally funded effort to develop next generation manufacturing technology called the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute.

Another successful completion of the City of Chicago TIF requirements for such an important project with UI Labs, Clune Construction, and the City of Chicago.

UI Labs headquarters  is located in Goose Island.

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