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Basic Techniques for Gourmet Cooking

President and owner of an interior architecture company, Luisa De Roo has more than three decades of experience in project management and MBE/WBE coordination. Since 1996, she has led her own company in the completion of a number of projects in various countries and states. Outside of work, Luisa De Roo is an avid chef who is particularly fond of gourmet cooking.

Gourmet cooking is easier than many individuals believe as long as they take the time to learn the proper techniques. Several basic techniques make up the core of what gourmet chefs need to know.

Braise: This technique combines moist and dry cooking. Braising sears the food on all sides and then cooks it to completion in liquid. Most braising liquids are stock or wine based, and food may cook slowly overnight to enhance the flavor.

Deglaze: After cooking food in a pan and removing excess fat, chefs may add some sort of liquid, such as wine, water, or stock, to the leftover juices. To create the base, they deglaze the pan, a process that involves scraping the browned bits off the bottom.

Flambé: Typically used after sautéing, flambé techniques require a chef to pour wine or liqueur over the food in the pan. This is normally a quick process, but it requires a great deal of caution because the resulting fire can easily spread.

Score: A common technique used to tenderize meats and prevent fish skin from curling, scoring involves making small cuts along the food’s surface. Occasionally, chefs score fruits and vegetables to add decorations or remove unwanted flavors.