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Mexico’s Mayan Historical Location Tulum

As president and owner of Interior Architecture, Inc., Luisa De Roo leads a Woodstock, Illinois, firm that offers dedicated support in corporate renovations and expansions, as well as relocations. Outside of work, Luisa De Roo is an avid traveler who enjoys visiting architectural landmarks in different countries, from China to Mexico. One of the most interesting historical sites in Mexico is in Tulum, on the Yucatan peninsula. The ancient Mayan temple complex is positioned uniquely on the coast.

One of the later Mayan settlements, Tulum was established in 1200 AD, about three centuries after the initial decline of the civilization. Tulum provided an important base for maritime trading activities and controlled sea commerce down to Honduras. The walled city contained dozens of stone ceremonial structures, as well as buildings for governors and institutional leaders. When the Spanish arrived in the early 1600s, Tulum had a population of about 600, with most people living outside the city walls. The city was finally abandoned 70 years after the Spanish Conquest, although it remained a sacred spot, where locals performed ceremonies with incense well into the 20th century.